I love to travel! 

A Road Less Travelled

Although with the price of gas these days the trips are becoming fewer and far between.  I take my cameras wherever I go.  I was fortunate enough to capture this beautiful scene through the front window of the truck and camper as we were heading towards Green Lake in the interior of our (as the Tourism Board advertises) “Beautiful British Columbia”.

Local Wildlife at Green Lake

I also have a fascination for nature; all kinds of weather such as clouds, rainbows, storms, snow, and of course wildlife and animals, some even of the human kind.  Who doesn’t love people watching?


A Beautiful View at Every Angle

I prefer to use my own photography as inspiration for my art.  I don’t have to ask anyone else’s permission to use their work. thus aiding in unwarranted copyright infractions.

Plus the colour combinations that nature provides is a given bonus.

Drift Fishing

Art Afloat by the Boat

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