Drawing on Your Stash with Linda Sharp 2010.03.06/13/20

As our local Master Artist, I should have know better that with Linda Sharp’s sense of humour I would not be learning HOW to use my stash in quilting or art endeavours, but rather WHAT to draw onto and embellish my stash with to create my own art.

Chi Journey

Course #1 consisted of 2 exercises and 5 projects:  Post Cards, Body Movement, What are Lines?, Interpretation of Lines, Shiva Stick Rubbings, Note Cards with Lettering, and a Book Mark.

Angelina in the Picture

Course #2 consisted of 6 projects:  A Picture Worth 1 Word, The Positive of the Negative, Shapes of Small Sizes, Angelina in the Picture, Foiled Again, and Greet in Card.

My Don’t We Look Purrrty

Course #3 consisted of 5 projects:  Primarys Light Up My Grid, The Bold and Beautiful, Peek A Boo I See You, My Don’t We Look Purrrty, and Put Your Stamp On It.

The courses can be taken seperately or as a series, were well thought out, well structured, and moved at a moderate pace.  I went home after each course with all my pieces finished, thus allowing me in between weeks to mount my art and document the processes.

I must say that the three Saturday’s spent with Linda, although learning tons of new processes, have as of yet been the most relaxing and laid back three days I have ever spent being creative.  I highly recommend these courses to anyone who likes to have fun creatively and look forward to other courses that may be offered in the future.

Thank you Linda!

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