Works of Others

On this page I plan to post works of others that I admire.  With their permission of course.

The following unfinished piece belongs to my brother Carsten, who was my best friend and died many years ago at the age of 22 in a Kyaking accident near English Bay, Vancouver, BC.

I found the piece buried amongst some other materials my mother had passed on to me when she was cleaning out her closets several years ago.  Recently my mother and I had the opportunity to participate in a dying and batiking playdate.  I brought the piece along and showed it to my mom.  She took it upon herself to touch up the wax and over dye the yellow and the orange in the piece with green, which in turn resulted in brown.

I will finish this piece, hopefilly in the near future, with a frame and binding so that we can hang the piece on the wall and enjoy Carsten’s work.

My son made this reindeer as a Chrismas present for his Grandma.

Nick’s Reindeer View #1

Nick’s Reindeer View #2

I thought the reindeer was so cute I just had to take some pictures

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