“Bird’s Eye View” & Details

The challenge that started this project was a Challenge Kit purchased from “The Thread Bear” containing three pieces of material.  The object of the challenge was to use the supplied pieces of material in noticeable proportions throughout the finished piece.

What's Wrong with this Picture?

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Embroidered Art Piece Above Fireplace

Fireplace with Burning Logs

The fabrics supplied and used are:  the material around the art piece hanging above the fireplace, the black ravens material used in the fireplace and in the door opening, and the black pattern on off-white material used for the pillow and douvet cover on the bed.

Door When Closed

Pillows on Bed

Door Opening into Room


Mosquito Netting Above Bed

This piece started by piecing the wood flooring material, floor cloth material, wall material and ceiling material together.  Then the doors, door frames, baseboards, window sill, carpet trim and cabinet were added before sandwiching the layers together with batting and backing and adding texture by quilting.

The next layers to be added was the the fireplace, which in itself has three layers, the cabinet of two layers, the chandelier base of two layers on the ceiling (haven’t quite figured out yet how to make the chandelier), the netting of two layers placed behind the bed, the mirror on the wall of two layers, the bedside table of two layers, the appliqued rugs of two layers and the silhouetted appliqued raven, a lot of it sewn on by hand.

Silhouetted Raven Sitting on Sill of Open Window Looking into Room

Cabinet with Washing Jug & Bowl

The final step was sewing the bed onto the piece along with all the little touches of armchair with footstool, table lamp, floor vase with flowers, wood basket containing firewood, art piece above fireplace, door that opens, wash basin and jug, the portrait of Edgar Allan Poe (there were no pictures of his wife), sewing on buttons for door handles, gluing on crystals for door and cupboard handles and painting the legs of the chairs.

The little accent pieces and all the layers of the bed were made on holidays while visiting Calgary during the stampede and camping on the way home.  To give an estimate of what time was involved in making this piece, it took 20 hours just to cross-stitch art picture above the fireplace.

I had originally called this piece “Bird’s Eye View”. However, when you look at the piece the carpet and bed is not quite proportionately aligned and the chair is way out of proportion so I renamed it “What’s wrong with this picture?”, a phrase I fondly remember my former husband using on his construction sites when the sub-contractors failed to put things together correctly.

Vase Holding Flowers on Floor

Basket with Firewood

Armchair with FootstoolBack of Room Wallhanging Showing Quilting & Label

Back of Wallhanging Showing Detailed Quilting & Label

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