DOYS Course #2

A Picture Worth 1 Word:  Choose 5 note cards and a piece of material.  5 words will be called out.  As the words are called out, draw onto the fabric shapes to interpret your first thought or feeling upon hearing each word.  Cut out and glue fabric shapes onto the note cards.


The word “Contentment” made me think of music, books of intrigue and fiction, sound of wind chimes on a summer breeze or in a windy storm, mesmerizing flames and warmth of campfires, and arts/ crafts/ quilting/ sewing and knitting.

Ambition & Delight

The word “Ambition” made me think of trying to convert dreams and thoughts into practical every days tasks; explained in fabric picture of a mountain from the highest peak to the lowest peak.

Sorrow & The Unexpected

The word “Delight” brought to mind children, especially young ones learning new things like my youngest Grandson, children playing/ laughing, birds chirping and singing especially in the spring and animal families with babies.  I think the picture speaks for itself.

The word “Sorrow” made me cry as I remembered loved ones lost a long time ago or just recently and thus explained in picture format as an open casket.

The word “Unexpected” brought thoughts of daily life, the future and surprises.  I don’t generally like surprises unless they are gifts on special occassions or cut flowers.  And therefore shown as a backwards question mark followed by ellipses followed by an upside down exclamation mark.

The Positive & The Negative

The Positive of the Negative:  Make two postcards and cut a piece of freezer paper to the same size as the post cards.  Cut a shape into the freezer paper to create a foreground (positive) and a background (negative).  Apply the negative to one post card and the positive to the other postcard.  Paint one post card and spray the other postcard with opaque white or opaque gold glitter spray paint.  Let dry and peel off freezer paper to reveal  designs.

Foiled Again & Shapes of Small Sizes

 Foiled Again:  Make a post card.  Make a simple design with steam a seam and foil on one side of th e postcard.  On the other side of the post card use Bo-Nash powder with foil.  (This was actually the fifth project of the day but in my notes I had to place it where there was room)

Shapes of Small Sizes:  Make a postcard.  Make a small shape from an Avery note tab.  Use Avery note tab shape to apply negative or positive shapes onto postcard.  Embellish cards using different types of mediums available.

Angelina in the Picture

 Angelina in the Picture:  Make up two postcards.  Glue together some Angelina fibers.  Cut Angelina into shapes to create one picture to fit in the centre of the first postcard making the picture the focal point and on the second postcard placing shapes on the outside of the postcard making the background fo the postcard the focal point. 

Monkey Business Greet in Card

Greet in Card:  Take a sample picture of project and a pre-cut post card.  Trace hats onto monkeys and bottles into monkey hands from sample picture onto the post card where ever you desire.  Outline in felt pen and paint in going from dark to light.  Glue post card onto folded card stock to make a greeting card.

Notes on course:  Use paint box when spraying.  Use felt pens before paint, permanent paint markers or shiva sticks.  Iron Angelina fibers under a Teflon sheet or parchment paper firmly but quickly to prevent burning.

Thoughts on course:  Wow!  Went home with finished projects again and a glue stick.  CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK!

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