Quilt Labels

Giving Dues

Labels are a very important part of the wall hanging or the quilt.  They not only name your piece of art, but tell how the quilt was made, who the quilt was made by, where inspiration came from for the quilt or why the quilt was made, when the quilt was made and care or washing instructions.  Basically the 5 W’s.

Labels can be computer printed or handmade, in many different shapes and sizes.

I used to sew my labels on last but since quilts have become so popular and sometimes do get stolen when displayed at shows or elsewhere, I appliqué my labels to the backing of the quilt or wallhanging and then quilt the pattern from the front right over it to make sure it is secure and cannot be cut out of the quilt without damage to the quilt.

Close-up of Hand-Made Label for “Trellis Garden” Wallhanging

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