Adobe Acrobat MAC – MDIA 1026 – October 25 to November 29, 2013 – Instructor: Ania Grygorczuk

AEG Cls4 Hmwrk Project Worksheet

Interactive Supply Estimate Costing Sheet

This sheet took about a week to design. As well as having interactive buttons for colour choices etc., this sheet also has interactive buttons so you can go to the supplier’s websites to gather information regarding colour choices for threads, needles and other items along with sizes and pricing, and this sheet also has choices on each line for sizes and pricing levels in order to save paper when estimating jobs.

Course description

In this course students convert documents to PDF format, to bridge the gap between paper and digital workflow. This includes converting small volumes of paper documents to searchable Adobe PDF files and to e-mail graphics files that were previously too large, and modifying PDF’s to include advance functions such as high level security, video/audio files and electronic forms. Students also prepare files for professional print, through to posting PDF files on the web for online distribution.

Course learning outcomes / competencies

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

  • Determine repurposing requirements for both a printed document and one that will be viewed on-screen.
  • Manipulate and convert traditional print documents to more web/screen user friendly documents.
  • Prepare documents for both in-house printing and for professional print houses.
  • Add navigation elements such as Bookmarks, Links and Articles.
  • Create PostScript files and utilize Distiller (Job Options/Default Settings).
  • Add features such as view/print security and opening properties.
  • Apply the Document Review Cycle tools.
  • Extract existing content for repurposing or retrieval of information due to loss of original doc.
  • Create adobe PDF Electronic Forms.
  • Create custom job options (Distiller) based on specific output requirements.
  • Convert large volumes of files to specific PDF formats automatically.
  • Prepare PDF for web based distribution.

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