Fruit of the Spirit

The first in a series of three Multimedium 3D Textile Wall Hangings:

Fruit of the Spirit (Wise black woman viewing sunset and contemplating on fruit of the spirit)

Fruit of the Spirit (Wise black woman viewing sunset and thinking of fruit of the spirit)

Fruit of the Spirit

My spiritual journey has brought me to evaluate the relationships in my life; with myself and others. Is what others say about me really who I am? Do I want to be who others say I am? What do I see?
Do I even see me? Do I treat others as I would like to be treated? How can I change?
What is the pathway for the journey? What will remind me to stay on the path of the journey?

The perfect opportunity to explore these questions of my spiritual journey arose from a challenge of my “Cutting Edge” art group called “Green Piece” … everyone was given a piece of green silk fabric with a fabulous red sheen (only green side to be used – yeah right) which was to be incorporated into an artwork 48” in depth as to conform in group showings and choice of size in width (35.5”).

Concept based on Galatians 5:22-23 and the mythology of “Mother Earth” as the piece developed. Designed, drawn, machine pieced, appliquéd, machine quilted, hand sewn,
hand works, and some fabrics hand dyed by Angie Gursche

©November 30, 2014

Progress details :

Fruit of the spirit.

When I was putting this together I saw the back of a wise black woman looking at the sunset … Green curly hair, bun in the hair in the form of a nest, hair clips in form of butterfly and honey bee with a Bali bird, pair and apple earrings, bug necklace, slug and spider tats, flowers as shoulder straps to dress …

Butterflies = growth, Dragonflies = freedom, Ladybugs = good luck or fortune, Honey Bees = natural sweetener and art supplies

A lot of new techniques tried out.

Christel says every time she looks at this she could cry it is so beautiful.

FOTS Wall Hanging with Border

Wall Hanging completed with quilting, hand stitching, border, label and sleeve … waiting for additional 3D details and wording to be painted onto tree canopy and sun.

FOTS Details

Additional 3D details in varying stages of completion.

FOTS Detail, Tree Canopy

Quilting Detail, Tree Canopy

FOTS Detail, Tree Trunk

Quilting Detail, Tree Trunk

FOTS Quilt Back

Wall Hanging Back


FOTS Fabric Choices Summer 2013

Fabric Choices Summer 2013

FOTS Cartoon

Cartoon being cut apart for fabric application Summer 2013

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