Workshops – Textile & Mixed Medium

To get a better feel of my artistic journey, I have posted some of my workshops in descending order attached to this page. Some projects have been completed and others not. The pages reveal a review of the workshop as well as a variety of sample works if there is more than one sample.

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Yoruba Batik - Adire Type Design Sampler

Yoruba Batik – Adire Type Design Sampler

Yoruba Tie-Dye Sampler

Yoruba Tie-Dye Sampler

2014_09 AEG Katazome Stencil Indigo Print

My Happy Place

“My Happy Place” … Sharpie Drawing on water colour paper, water pencil crayons diffused with water, dipped into Encaustic wax, layered with cut up 5mm silk pieces: 1st silk piece was dribbled with wax and painted with dyes, 2nd silk piece was painted with dyes, laid out on patio stones, covered with a stencil and then sun dried.

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