Cutting Edge Shibori Workshop

Below are some pieces I have dyed on my own with “The Cutting Edge Art Group”

Shibori Folded & Clamped

This first piece was folded into triangles in many different layers.  Then I used metal washers and clamped them onto the material with bull dog clips.

The darkest colour is where the material was on the outside and received the most dye.  The lightest area is where the material was on the inside and received the least amount of dye.

Shibori Pillowcase Outside Front

In this next example I turned a pillowcase inside out and clamped it everywhere with bull dog clips.

In each picture that follows, you can see that each side becomes lighter and changes in colour as the fabric is moved away from the contact with the dye.

Shibori Pillowcase Outside Back

Shibori Pillowcase Inside Front

Shibori Pillowcase Inside Back


Shibori Pillowcase Outside Close Up

In the close up of the pillowcase you can see the detailed pattern of the resist that left behind from the bull dog clips.

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