DOYS Course #3

Primary's Light Up My Grid

Primary’s Light Up My Grid:  Get a black post card and a sample picture of project.  Take some yellow, red, blue and white paint.  Starting with primaries, paint small squares as per the picture onto the black background.  Now mix colours with white or water and add gradiations.  Then mix colours with each other to make other colours such as green or violet and add them to the mix.

The Bold and Beautiful

The Bold and Beautiful:  This exercise was to re-create colours generally used in printing.  Using a blank post card.  Take small pieces of yellow, cyan, magenta and black tulle along with yellow, cyan and magenta fabrics.  Apply shapes to create a background leaving a few white spaces and layering some tulle on top of fabrics to see what the layered colours look like.

Peek a Boo, I See You

Peek A Boo, I See You:  Choose a pre-made bookmark.  Using assorted felt pens, fabric paints etc., that reflect the colours on the right side of the bookmark draw and paint a pattern onto the left side of the bookmark, so that the fabrics on both sides look like they were meant to be together.

My Don't We Look Purrrty

My Don’t We Look Purrrty:  Using the 1/3 to 2/3 theory in design, make a post card with background fabrics, adhere a cat or dog picture to it, and embellish picture and background with felt pens, paints, stamps etc. following the less is more rule.  (I used two dark fabrics for the 2/3 ratio and painted the lighter brown with paint to make it darker; I then used the 1/3 to 2/3 ratio on the dark fabric as well.)

Put Your Stamp on It

Put Your Stamp On It:  This exercise was to see what stamps made of diffent types of medium would look and act like on different types of fabric.  Use a post card and adhere strips of fabric to it.  Using stamps, apply paint to the fabrics.  Using steam a seam, apply foil to the fabrics.

Thoughts on the course:  Wow, what a great course.  Went home with finished projects again, stamps and lots of INSPIRATION!

You’re such a great teacher Linda.  And with a great sense of humour as well.

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