What a View!

Ocean Front Property

In the summer of 2010 I was able to spend quite a few weekends living on my friend’s boat, moored at Choquers.  You could kind of say that I had the luxury of living on water front property with an ocean view.

Picture Postcard

It’s a Beautiful Day

The view from the boat and dock is absolutely gorgeous, especially on a sunny day.

Get All Your Ducks in a Row

Not once did I miss watching TV with all the neighbourhood drama.

Just Swimming in the Rain

A regular Peyton Place right next door consisting of cormigans, ducks, a single blue heron, an eagle, an owl, seagulls, jelly fish, fish and other sealife.

On Patrol

Orange Starfish

My 4 hour jellyfish study alone produced 200 pictures.

Jelly Fish #160

Jelly Fish #207


The neighbours were great.  The sea planes on the next dock over weren’t too bad either (lots of photo ops) but when the crew boats started leaving the dock at 4 am rather than 5 am it became a bit much.  Luckily this was near the end of August.

Did I Put in For A Wakeup Call?

Waterfront View

Although I like fishing, I did not grow up on boats so it took a few weekends before I was ready to leave the dock.

Nice Day for Fishing

Deserted Island?

On a day trip up the inlet I took some pictures while we were setting up rods to go fishing.

Two Arbutus Amongst a Forest

Volumous Clouds

And at the end of a great day, it’s always nice to go to Davis Bay and get an ice cream cone.


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