DOYS Course #1

 Post Cards:  Linda had pre-made postcards.  All we had to do is choose fabric and iron it on to two postcards.  Cut a simple designs with freezer paper and iron these on.  Cover the whole card with Shiva sticks, peel off the freezer paper and viola!

Chi Journey

In the Depths of Despair


Interpretation of Lines:  Choose 5 pieces of fabric and a Shiva stick color.  We were to choose a fabric and draw on it a line of our interpretation of the word Linda called out, 5 words in all.








Shiva Stick Rubbings:  Choose a fabric and some Shiva stick colours.  Take numerous of articles, place them under the fabric and then rub accross the fabric with the Shiva sticks, moving items as needed to get different types of lines.

Shiva Rubbing Plate #1

Shiva Stick Rubbing Plate

Shiva Stick Rubbing Wire

Shive Stick Rubbings Velcro & Metal Spritz Cookie Plate

Shiva Stick Rubbings Corregated Cardboard & Hard Plastic Similar to Bubble Wrap

I used two different rubbing plates, wire bent into a shape or a butterfly which turned out to be a bow, the side of a thick strip of corroguated cardboard, a strip of flexible rubber with small raised circles similar to bubble wrap but harder, both sides of velcro, and a round metal plate with holes in it usually used to make Christmas Spritz Cookies.

Note Cards with Lettering

 Note Cards with Lettering:  Make fabric cards based on project #1.  Choose sayings, words or letters and print on cards with felt fabric markers, paint and other lettering supplies.

Book Mark

Book Mark:  Choose a cat picture, trace on crown and obey, use black felt to outline and fill; paint crown.

Notes on this course:  Shiva sticks are great fun and are like oil pastels for fabric.  Must use plastic for protecting tables, apron and gloves.  Rubbings are a bit smelly, need to dry for about a week and then require heat setting.  Best to use before dying or painting as a resist or after dying and painting as an embellishment.

Great course – Got to go home with finished projects and a felt.  CAN’T WAIT until next week.

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