View of the Shore from Green Lake

Clouds are beautiful and fascinating.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and formations, changing to whatever the weather brings.  On some days they move so fast that you can almost see the world turning.

Calm Before The Storm

Some clouds look like big easy chairs, inviting enough to sit in.  Some clouds look like cotton candy good enough to eat.  For those of us who lie on our backs in the grass on warm summer days, some clouds look like animals, nature, people or other things.

Here Comes the Sun ...

What is a cloud?  The simplest answer is:  Clouds are a large collection of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals. The droplets are so small and light that they can float in the air.

Just Like Cotton Candy

Have you ever wondered:  How clouds are formed?  Why clouds are white?  How clouds turn gray?  Why clouds float?  How clouds move?  Why clouds form at different heights in the atmosphere?  How fog is formed?

Fire in the Sky

Did you know that there are differnt types of clouds:  high clouds, middle clouds, low clouds, clouds with vertical growth and special clouds?

Continued For Miles

Or what the difference is between (and the names sound like musical instruments or like something from Harry Potter):  Cirrus, Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus, Altostratus, Altocumulus, Stratos, Stratocumulus, Nimbostratus, Cumulus, Cumulonimbus, Mammatus, Lenticular, Fog, Contrails and last but not least Green Clouds?

To answer all of those questions, I have found a wonderful website written for children and aldults alike 

Storms a Brewing

Light at the End of the Clouds

More storms …

Let There be Light

Rain, Rain, Go Away!


and clouds …

Blue Skies …

It's a Beautiful Day

A Hint of Sun

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