I like to spend my holidays travelling, camping in nature, peace and quiet and possibly boating.  And if the opportunity presents itself, watching animals in their natural habitats.  Here are some of the places I have been able to visit.

Peaceful Reflections

A Beautiful View at Every Angle

Passage to Louis Lake


Fall, winter, spring or summer; no matter what time of year, or what type of weather, Khartoum Lake is always beautiful.

Unfocused Beauty

Exquisite Marbling Effect

Best Fishing Hole on the Lake

Formations of the rocks, marbling and all the different shapes and sizes along the shoreline never cease to amaze me.  The reflections off the water are breathtaking.

Camping near the Lake

German Kyakers Come for an Overnight Visit

Put Another Log on the Fire

Campsites are also very nice, especially if people would leave nature be and not cut down the trees.

Green Lake and the surrounding area is really nice for off road activities such as trail riding in summer or snowmobiling in winter.

Neighbours to Green Lake

Reflections of Another Day

Green Lake area also has some great fishing lakes as shown in this picture taken by a friend.

Crator Lake near Green Lake

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