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During the whole “Intro to Encaustic” workshop in October of 2012, Trish kept mentioning something called EncaustiCamp. Trish was so enthusiastic, bubbling over as she talked about it, that I knew in my heart I had to go. I felt a calling.

• Cutting Edge Art Group at Lawson Creek Studios
“Intro to Encaustics” with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
3 day workshop – 2012.10.12

In 2013, with my mom’s blessing and support, I headed south in my van to EncaustiCamp USA from the 23rd to the 28th of July.

Thank you Trish. The journey has just started.

EncaustiCamp is the brainchild of world renowned artist and teacher Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. Held in Northwestern Washington USA, EncaustiCamp started in 2011 as a place for artists who are interested in Encaustic wax to get together for a week in a camp like environment and take three workshops from a choice of six teachers to learn new techniques or hone their skills. A one day shopping excursion with an art opening exhibit thrown into the mix, and the curriculum changes every two years, until a new format is launched.

Dumas Bay CentreA life changing experience complete with a set of lifetime e-campers and closed group Facebook page … friends to share future work and experiences with. Individual workshops with descriptions of my experiences at EncustiCamp USA 2013 and samples of my work are attached on separate pages.

Words can not explain the fabulousness of the waxy experiences to be had in this group of awesome people. Part of the magic is the wonderful teachers Trish has surrounded herself with. Crystal Marie Neubauer, Judy Wise, Michelle Belto, Sue Stover, Shary Bartlett, Kathryn Bevier, and Amanda Jolley who share Trish’s passion for Encaustic wax and openly and honestly share themselves, their passions, their skills and other talents with others in the group, whether you are taking their class or not, thus helping make this the experience it is.

• EncaustiCamp USA 2013
“Surface Design + Encaustic” with Sue Stover
1 day workshop – 2013.07.27
– “Dyed in Encaustic” with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
1 day workshop – 2013.07.25
– “Collographs and Monoprints” with Judy Wise
1 day workshop – 2013.07.24

Growing locally every year, and always wanting to share herself with more people “Reach more, Teach more, Inspire more”, Trish branched out with a week of EncaustiCamps in both Australia and Bali for 2014. For more information, please visit …

• BaliEncaustic 2014
– “Papers, Threads & Wax” with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Judy Wise
4 x 1/2 day workshop – 2014..
– “Batik Indigo” at Threads of Life
1 day workshop – 2014..
– “Wood Carving” at Ubud library with a local artisan
1/2 day workshop – 2014..
– “Bali Batik” at Widya Batik in Tegallantang with Widya Harsana
1 day workshop – 2014..

And Patricia is dreaming of a new venture in Kentucky with her husband John, and sons Daniel, Brian, Conner and Patrick, called OPENStudio




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