“Grandpa, What’s A Polka?” & Details

Wisp of Hair

Here are some close-up details of “Grandpa, What’s A Polka?” wall hanging.

This is a picture of the accordian player’s hair.  You can see a little piece of fabric hanging down from the hair line.  This is double sided and sewn into the hairline to create a wisp of hair and also give some break up to the hair line so that the hair line does not look so straight.

Keyboard side


On the left is a picture of part of the keyboard with bellows and some detailed quilting.  To the right the picture shows the bellows in detail.  The fabric for the bellows has been meticulously pleated for realism.

Quilting Detailed on Rose Background

The picture above shows some detailed machine quilting in the background.

The 3-D items and pieces of “de resistance” are the hands.  They have been meticulously drafted, sewn together, turned inside out, details sewn onto them, stuffed and then sewn into the seams of the area to where they are attached.

Right Hand

Left Hand with Accordian Buttons

Quilting Detail on Back of Wallhanging

Last but not least, a picture of the wall hanging’s back showing detailed machine quilting.

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