And I Shall Be Happy

I was extremely fortunate to be chosen as 1 of 15 disabled artists to be juried into a group exhibit from October 13 – October 30, 2015 which was presented by Kickstart called “And I Shall be Happy” at Pendulum Gallery, HSBC Building, 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC. 604 250 9682 –

Participants are: Yuki Goodman Taryn Goodwin Angie Gursche Olga Kalamkarova Cat L’Hirondelle Joni Larsen Geoffrey Lee Peggy Logan Julie Milano Stephanie Moore Naomi Olsen Bill Pop David Purkis Vicki Lynn Rae Rose Williams

This is the invitation I designed for my family and friends of my 1st juried group exhibit.

Invitation KickStart_And I Shall Be Happy_2015_10_12-30

I found the write up about the exhibit by Kickstart quite interesting and it reads as follows:

What does it mean to be happy? With our culture so obsessed about something so difficult to define let alone achieve, And I Shall Be Happy takes the view that happiness is open to multiple interpretations, and has layers of political and social meaning, particularly for people with disabilities. The disabled are enjoined to ‘be happy’ despite the real challenges and barriers they face. This is particularly true for artists, who have to conceive and produce work in and for a context that is both physically and mentally challenging to navigate and often minimizes and trivializes their achievements.

People with disabilities can be seen as tragic figures by the non-disabled world, and it is sometimes a monumental struggle for these artists to move forward with optimism and unfettered creativity. Negotiating both external and internal directives to be happy is an ongoing and complex process. This exhibition, presented by Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, presents a group of artists who show us a wide range of interpretations of what it means to seek happiness, and that their search for self expression, like that of all artists, is often a response to their own personal attitudes, situations and beliefs.

Artist Yuki GoodmanUnfortunately, one of Yuki Goodman’s paintings was stolen from the gallery between the hanging and the opening of the exhibit and is depicted to the left per chance that anyone viewing this post might recognize it and take action to have it returned to the rightful owner.

I was so taken with the whole experience (my piece was in a prominent position for all to see as they walked by the gallery) that I only got a few shots of the gallery on my way home. Luckily one of my artist friends snapped a photo of me standing next to my art piece.

Kickstart Pendulum Gallary 2015_10_15 View 3 Kickstart Pendulum Gallary 2015_10_15 View 2 Kickstart Pendulum Gallary 2015_10_15 Art Piece with Artist



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2015 5th Annual North Shore Art Crawl

Dear Friends & Family,
You are invited!
My first solo exhibition
Come visit my newly organized studio space in the garage after the November 2014 flood.
Available days:
Saturday March 7th, 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday March 8th, 10 am – 6pm
#63 on the NSAC map
Studio – walk down the driveway to garage
Entrance – around right corner to side door
Parking – available across the street or in the various lots of Argyle School.
If the door is locked, I am on a wee break and will be back shortly.
Cheers, Angie

Darling Creations NSAC  5TH 2015_03_07 Bio R2

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Kata – e some

KATAZOME with Professor Masayoshi Ohashi and Reiko Sudo from Nuno Corporation in Japan … along with two of Professor Ohashi’s students who are the next generation of Kata – e some makers.

My first day at the workshop. What a pleasant and fun time with these two wonderful teachers, the two students and another young lady.
Professor Masahoshi Ohashi speaks only Japanese and Reiko along with the two students and another young lady are translating.

We are learning the art of Kata – e some, a little different than Kata Kata or Katazome. The e means art and this form uses colour, in some cases lots of colour after the stencils are used with resist paste … also a very lengthy and detailed process. Katazome uses only one colour, usually Indigo blue.

At first it was thought my very detailed drawing would have to be scrapped as it was the reverse of what I needed. My Katazome research had led me down the incorrect path.

After redrawing my design three times, and lots of clapping by the Japanese students and Reiko as I finally understood somewhat of what was required, Professor Ohashi approved the design and Reiko was surprised at how fast I was cutting out the design without any prior experience.

Many comments were given to me at how nice and intricate the design is including approval (even though there were not enough bridges and not enough lines touching as I now have a bubble in the silk … I have learned) from Professor Ohashi, Reiko, the two Japanese students and the translator, who also knows how to make these stencils.

Many of the courses offered by Maiwa are a once in a lifetime experience and if you are interested in the description of the course I am currently taking –

I can’t wait to use the stencil tomorrow – one thousand uses and then I will have to cut a new one.

Thank you Mutti for being my most ardent supporter.

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Perfect Love

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am on a journey of Love.
I just started reading the book “Like yourself, Love your life” by Audrey Meisner
So the question arises, “What is my heart’s desire?” something I have been asking myself for a while.
And then came, “As humans, do we all have the same heart’s desire? Is that desire to be loved? To be loved unconditionally?”
If so, there is only one perfect love, the love of God. Which in turn would mean, whether we accept this or not, as children of God, we are all on the same journey – to find God’s love.
So my prayer this morning:
“Dear father God, I open my heart to you, to come and fill every space and crevace with your love, to throw your love around me like a warm blanket, to engulf me in a cocoon of your love; in order to experience your love so fully that I recognize how to love myself, love you God, and love others; that you God and others can see a reflection of your love through me; that I become your love God as I live and breathe.”
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My father’s love

The last time I saw my father alive, he was sitting on the edge of his hospital bed in his hospital gown, hooked up to his breathing tube and cheerfully exclaimed, “Oh look, there’s Angie!”

I was so overwhelmed at the love I felt from him at that moment that I started to cry uncontrollably and had to turn around and leave.

My mother later told me that he shared to my mother that he was very saddened by this – I am glad that my mother knows me so well that she can read my thoughts before I speak them and could therefore console him on my behalf and explain to him that I loved him so much that I was unable at that moment to express my love to him – and I am glad that although saddened by our last meeting, he voiced to my mother that he understood this.

It was this experience that allowed me to write the following eulogy:

Just to let you know,

This evening my father, Siegfried Gursche, passed away at around 8pm surrounded by family.

Siegfried 19330906_20131002September 6, 1933 to October 2, 2013

He had just turned 80 last month.

I Love my Dad.

Forever and Always.

He had many families other than his own where he made many life lasting friendships: the church, The Fraser Book Nook, Flora Distributors, Teldon of Canada, Alive and finally Alpha Health Products Ltd.

I had the privilege of working in every one of his companies, some while he owned them and others after he sold them and in was able to acquire experience in every department.

Siegfried leaves a Legacy in the Health Food Industry … a Pioneer in his own right.

The best thing I learned from Siegfried is to talk in analogies.

The man who let me dance on his shoes when I was very little:

Who always made Christmas Eve the most special time of the year; after church in the afternoon/evening on the 24th of December, we had dinner and then the curtains  were opened that revealed presents piled under a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree the sparkle of with real candles lit and also decorated with lights that looking like real candles;

Who brought home a stereo and children’s records in his native language, because he owned a book / stereo store called “The Fraser Book Nook”;

We were allowed to read as many books as we wanted, we always had a good variety of children’s books … “Books are our friends” was his motto. – To this day I love to learn and read books.

He has also left me with many other gifts passed on through the generations.

And for some reason was not very fond of his middle name.

And he had his faults as we all do.

None of us are perfect.

We all make mistakes.

And yet we are all loved, unconditionally.

All we have to do is to accept the love and pass it on.

I did not always agree with Siegfried.

And he neither with me.

We loved each other.

I will miss him terribly and he is in a better place.

He is with God.

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Last year at the Encaustic Workshop taught by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, Trish kept on talking about #EncaustiCamp and what a wonderful experience it is. I had such a good time throughout the weekend workshop and Trish is such a warm and delightful person, I was really drawn to the idea of going south to Seattle for a week of camp.

So this last summer I went to #EncaustiCamp. My first experience. What an awesome experience with a bunch of delightful people; 47 campers, 6 teachers (counsellors), 3 vendors (canteen), 1 supplier (?), and 3 helpers. Best summer camp ever. If you have a chance, check it out for yourself at An experience not to be missed.

And since I have come home, I realize that I have found a community where I am accepted for who I am and where I am in my journey in life. Now, God willing, I am drawn to the idea of three EncaustiCamps in 2014: EncaustiCamp USA Seattle, EncaustiCamp Australia and EncaustiCamp Bali.

I have always said I would like to travel around the world and bring back fabric from every country I visit.

Looking forward to the journey with waxy results and anyone who would like to join me.

In Love

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Meeting Myself

This year I went to #EncustiCamp 2013 at Dumas Bay.

I met a photographer who said all women know their photogenic side of themselves.

I found this to be very profound as I never knew I even had a photogenic side.

And he also gave tips on how to stand to improve the looks of our aging sagging bodies.

So in the mirror last night I met myself for the first time.

I really did not recognize who was looking back at me and she was very beautiful.

I think that if you take a photograph of my face and then mirror image it:

My left side, is a grandmother from head to toe … old, wise, knowledgeable, disabled and disfigured, dominant …

My right side is young, beautiful, slightly smaller than the left side, more toned, kind, playful, sexy – a princess in waiting

My body is beautiful; a direct reflection of battle scars in my life journey – an hourglass figure reflecting shapely curves of 18th century cherubs and of late the smiling Buddha.

And God loves me just the way I am.

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In Love

So much has happened since my last blog. I am living the life I Love.

I thought my life was over when my husband left me unexpectedly after 25 years in October of 2011. And just after that I lost my bookkeeping position where I had worked for 10 years. Eventhough I was taking Maiwa courses at the time with awesome instructors, I lost all passion, especially for creativity.

My daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren moved in with me so I wouldn’t have to move right away, could sort things out, find a new direction and to help pay the rent.

After many months of self evaluation and soul-searching with the help of “My New Day” and “Dr. James Richards”, I chose to fill my loneliness with activities:

– I started in July 2012 by enrolling at BCIT for a two year full-time or 5 year part-time Graphic Design Associate Certificate Program. Everything I am taking correlates directly to the work I produce or wish to produce. I will be finished by August 2013.

– While going to school and still working full-time I signed up for: a fabulous Weekend Encaustic Workshop taught by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. What a delightful person and awesome course. Check out her website and blog at

– and I also took four fabulous Maiwa courses this last November; Phototransfers for Textiles with Natalie Grambow, Silkscreening Textiles with Anne (Maiwa), True Colours-Developing a Personal Palette with Carol Soderlund and Waxing Eloquent-Soy Wax Resist with Carol Soderlund.

– Then I participated in the current challenge “Read as Red” of the art group “Cutting Edge” I belong to which is currently on display at the Squamish Library.

And this is where my journey of being “In Love” really left the starting gate. All previous thoughts and works were just a preperation for what was to come next.

I found a bundle of fabric my former husband brought back for me from China amongst all the gifts I had received from him. He went to China to find Love. The fabric was mostly red and one piece had Love written on it with many roses. It was the most awesome fabric I had ever seen, soft as cashmere and unbelievably beautiful, piece after piece along with words of love written on the fabric.

This gift opened floodgates of tears streaming down my face and my heart ached with loss of our relationship as I experienced a total personal break-down and at the same time my passion for creativity was re-ignited through an unbelievable spiritual re-awakening that has taken over every aspect of my life.

I am learning to let go and just be with whatever comes towards me. Not every day perfect and those who know me see the change of 360 degrees. I am thankful for everything I have whether it be bad or good.

I am meeting fabulous new people, learning new things, exploring questions I was afraid to tackle or ask – I am in love with life … The last few days have been absolutely mind-blowing and exciting.

Nothing happens without purpose. Everything is meant to be.

Sorrow and Joy – Ying and Yang. I miss my best friend terribly and yet I am happy.

I am on a journey of Love in a journey of Love – In Love

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Trees & Such

I am well on my way to making my tree wallhanging for September, based on BC trees. 

For the past month I have been taking pictures of trees, all sorts of varieties, shapes and sizes.

Last weekend I went to a quilt show in Sechelt.  I was so inspired by the trees at the show that I purchased a jelly roll of “moda – Summer’s End, Kansas Troubles Quilters” fabrics for the front, a package of “Trendtex National Shop Hop 2008 – Greetings from Canada by Thimbleberries” for the back along with a variety of fat quarters to fill in the gaps in the back, all at very reasonable (1/2 off) prices I might add.

My idea for the front is to only use the moda fabrics and use the rest on the back.

I spent last Sunday making up a grid, this Thursday cutting squares and along with Friday designing the front side and sewed 12 rows (48 rows in total) together on Saturday.  The finished piece will be 84” x 22”.

I’ve tried to represent BC trees in a variety of shapes and sizes.  I have made 5 trees altogether; a big tall one is a Lodgepole Pine, one is a Sitka Spruce and the one with the reddish bark is an Arbutus tree is.

I designed the piece on the grid paper taped to the back of a chair, draped accross  from the dining room table and then taped to the other end of the table.  I folded the pieces over between the paper as to make it small enough to move to the much smaller cutting table in the art studio.

I have noticed that although I tried to be diligent in placing a piece of fabric into each square, as I sew the design together, it doesn’t always fit as well as I hoped and I’ve already had to patch a few pieces together.  I am however having great fun as it is just like fitting a puzzle together.  I also hope it looks a lot better once it is sewn together.

I hope to be ready to quilt by early August so that when I can bind the piece and have it finished for September.  Just have to figure out how to hang it and incorporate before I bind.

Last Saturday I spent 4 hours getting lessons on how to take better pictures of my quilts and enhance them in Photoshop.  I learned a huge amount and am grateful this time was offered to me.

I have also pinned together a quilt for one of my grandsons.

And I have loaded Adobe Design Standard CS5.5 onto my computer, purchased some manuals and have been busy reading up on the subject.

Must go to sew.

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Ready to blog …

It is now the beginning of June.  I have spent the last three weeks diligently organizing folders and binders in the process of updating this site with pictures of wall hangings and quilts, photography, information and links.  I have transferred all the information from my first blog to this one and have shut it down, off the net.

There is still more to do and find but for now it is a matter of cleaning up/ out my studio; contacting family and friends and asking for items I have made in the past but have not documented so that I can photograph and upload them onto this site.

And although I have been creative and am proud of my accomplishments in setting up this site, have had fun doing so even when I have gotten stuck because I still have to learn things that I don’t know yet, it is time to move on and get into a different kind of creativity.

In documenting my quilting journey for the last 25 years, I have found that my focus has shifted from where I started those many years ago.  I find my focus is now directed more towards art and photography.  I am ready to let go of really old projects that have been tagging along for a while now.  Plus I am looking forward to going through my shelves of books and magazines, culling what I have collected as resource materials for years; patterns I have collected because I like them but have never used nor ever will because they are patterns, which I have outgrown.  I want to be creative, design, draw, and tell stories with humour.

I would like to nourish the creativity I have found in the last year by learning how to use Photoshop, journaling through some art books, completing some of the started projects sitting on my design wall and in my sewing box that have yet to be finished.  Then there is a group challenge, from “The Cutting Edge Mixed Media Artgroup” regarding trees, to be finished by September.  Perhaps in October there might be an opportunity to learn how to dye with natural dyes.  All whilst I am still working full-time.

I’ve heard people say, “If you want something done, give it to someone who is busy”.

I for one believe that everything happens for a reason all in its own time.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know how this is working for me.


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