“Two P’s in a Pod …” & Details

This wall quilt was made for the Lions Gate Quilter’s Guild Challenge 2001 “Le Bon Mot” to be displayed at Fall Seminar, September 2001 with option to have ones piece juried.  Fabulous idea that happened only this once.  See details of the challenge below.

Close-up detail of “2 P’s in a Pod …”

Stormy Ocean Above Sea Life

Porpoises Swimming Above the Whales


This wallhanging started with a bargello strip down the centre.  Then the top bottom and sides were added to the bargellow strip.  The piece was sandwiched with batting, backing and quilted for detail.

Blue Fish Swimming Under Whales

Ocean Between Blue Fish and Salmon


Next the stuffed fish, porpoises and whales were sewn onto the top of the wallhanging.  The stuffed whales were sewn onto the left of the piece before the binding was put on.

Salmon Swimming Below Blue Fish

Ocean Floor with Sea Shells, Bottom Feeders and Sea Anemone Tea Dyed


The second last two pieces to be added; the green seaweed and the orange sea anemone at the bottom of the wallhanging were both sewn on by hand.  In the picture above the sea anemone has been tea dyed, not quite as per the judges recommendations below, but by recommendations from Michele Wipplinger, and it does tone down the whole sea shell fabric overall.

Frying Pan Hiding Behind the Whales2 Peas Back of Wall Hanging

Detailed Back of Wallhanging

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