"The Angie Lisa"

Angela Elisabeth Gursche – Design Artist

My mom, Christel Gursche, a seamstress and my most ardent supporter in my art journey, introduced me to arts, crafts and sewing at a very early age. Special memories include making Christmas stars from straw and paper folding with my aunt Traudi Schaffer, weaving on a miniature shuttle loom, trips to Moodyville Art and Pottery Studio in North Vancouver to purchase supplies, and creating batik one summer in our backyard with my family, relatives and Uncle Bob of Seattle WA, whilst a wax fire was being put out in the kitchen by Ulrich Schaffer, my uncle. I am told that the wax pot somehow caught fire on the gas stove and the kitchen rug got thrown over it to put it out.

In 1986 I took up quilting and quickly realized that this was not a form of sewing our family tree pursued: I found only two quilters; myself and my great aunt, Helena Braun, a retired teacher and Principal from the Sumas School District and a founding member of the Fraser Valley Quilt Guild.

“The Angie Lisa”

I have experience in sewing clothing, duvet covers, quilts, drapes /curtains, pillows and indoor or outdoor cushions for home interiors or RV’s (vans, campers, trailers, fifth wheels) and boats, and using and industrial sewing machine to repair belly boats and make rain gear from a K-way pattern for construction workers.

Courses from talented Artists helped move me out of my comfort zone to nurture and develop my many creative outlets. I have ventured into a journey through batik, drawing, painting, photography and writing; progressing to making 3D Art Wall Hangings, experimenting with dyes, resists, layering hand-dyed/painted and commercial textiles, adding dimensional objects, embellishing with thread, buttons, paint and oil sticks.

Working in my many paid positions for 34+ years as seen on my LinkedIn profile, picking up a variety of skills along the way, and growing creatively through my artistic journey, I have learned that: I enjoy nature and photography, have a natural eye and live for colour and love fabrics of any kind; I think outside the box and enjoy using sewing, drawing and other learned skills to design and create; I have a thirst to continually learn adding to my knowledge base and enjoy mentoring others; I like to roll up my sleeves and commit to see a project to the end, can work with a team or by myself; I am a detail oriented administrator with leadership qualities where I am fair, firm and consistent.

As I learn more, create more, meet more artists I admire, and hone my skills in taking on and completing art projects, calls for entry, commissions, courses, exhibitions, graphic and freelance work, I would also like to pass on my knowledge base to others who would like to add to their creative skills.

This website is in sorts a reflection of who I am, helping visually to see my journey.

My philosophy: “It is NEVER too late; everything happens for a reason”




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