3D Textile Collage

My First 3-D Textile Wall Hanging

“2 P’s in a Pod Have Bigger Fish to Fry”

This wall hanging was the result of a “Le Bon Mot” challenge by the Lions Gate Quilter’s Guild in September of 2001.  My play on words is “two peas in a pod” and refers to the two porpoises swimming in a pod of killer whales.  All the whales, porpoises and fish near the bottom of the quilt are stuffed.  The whales on the left side fold back to reveal a small copper frying pan.  This wall hanging is machine pieced and machine quilted.  Copyright September 2001.  Finished Size:  14.75″ x 44.5″ + 1.25″ for the sea anemone.  Since taking this picture I have tea washed the sea anemone as the critic mentioned the ocean floor was to overwhelming and should be tea dyed.  Michele Wipplinger pointed out to me that it wasn’t the sea floor but the sea anemone that was the culprit.  The piece looks much better now.  Thank you Michele.

Grandpa, What’s a Polka?

My Second 3-D Textile Wallhanging

The label reads:  “This quilt has been lovingly made for my father-in-law, Nicolaas van Velzen.  Not everyone enjoys Nico’s choice of instruments, but for me, it reminds me of my childhood and the many hours I spent listening to music in our family business the Fraser Book Nook.  The original photo that inspired this quilt was supplied to me upon request years ago by Dorothy van Velzen.  In a 4 day course taught by Ruth B. McDowell, on Oct. 20, 2005.  I was delighted to finally set this image into fabric.  This quilt was drafted with the help of Ruth, along with some hints on fabric choices and in the process was called Angie Squeezebox.  Designed, hand pieced, machine sewn and machine quilted  by Angie Gursche.  Copyright April 23, 2006.  Finished Size:  31″ x 35”  Displayed at Lions Gate Quilters’ Guild “Album of Quilts 2006”

The label of this wall hanging reads: “Bird’s Eye View”  Thread Bear’s  “Raven” Quilt Challenge 2006, based on the poem, “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, first in 1845.  Upon researching the history of 1845, I came accross the websites “cyberrentals.com”, “robertwallacerealestate.com” and “oldhouses.com”, featuring Victorian Style houses like the “Historic Brigman Chamber’s Estate”.  I based my design on the interior rooms of this and other houses.  My research of wall paper, paint colors, wood trim, textiles and furniture available circa 1845 is reflected in my fabric and accessory choices.  The portrait on the wall is of Edgar Allan Poe.  His home, where his wife Virginia died, was quite humble compared to the one portrayed in this quilt.  I immensely enhoyed this quilt challenge.  In the process, one could hear occasional cackles or squeals of delight coming from my sewing studio.  3D Art Quilt designed by, machine sewn, machine appliqued, machine quilted & accessories hand-made by Angie Gursche.  Copyright July 23, 2006.  Finished Size:  33.5″ x 34″

I have affectionately renamed this wall hanging “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” (a favourite saying by someone I know who renovates homes and uses this saying to inform his apprentices that they have made a mistake),  since in my room there seems to be a few things askew.

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