True Colours: Developing a Personal Palette with Carol Soderlund 2012.11.06-08

I wanted to learn how to dye my own fabric and Carol Soderlund came highly recommended from fellow members of the “Cutting Edge Art Group”. So I signed up.

Carol is a wonderful teacher with tons of knowledge that she enjoys sharing with others. These are my colour gradiation samples from the class:

ps_2012_11_CS_TC_A1ps2012_11_CS_TC_A2ps2012_11_CS_TC_A3ps2012_11_CS_TC_A1-B1ps2012_11_CS_TC_A2-B1ps2012_11_CS_TC_A3-B1ps2012_11_CS_TC_A1-B2ps2012_11_CS_TC_A2-B2ps2012_11_CS_TC_A3-B2ps2012_11_CS_TC_A1-B3ps2012_11_CS_TC_A2-B3ps2012_11_CS_TC_A3-B3ps2012_11_CS_TC_B1ps2012_11_CS_TC_B2ps2012_11_CS_TC_B3I see
in every pattern.

Row 1 – 5
from left
to right:

A1, A2, A2




B1, B2, B3







To get these patterns, one crinkles the fabric into a little ball before placing it into the cup, glass, or jar of dye. It is never boring.

The next pieces came from putting cloth into a bin, pouring leftover dye on them and letting them sit overnight. These cloths were in my studio and the white marks on the middle piece is from paint which didn’t get washed out and is acting as a resist. I love the colours and patterns on these samples and could sit and admire them for hours.

ps2012_11_CS_TC_Mxd_A1_B1_Plus ps2012_11_CS_TC_Mxd_A1_B1 Plus ps2012_11_CS_TC_Mxd_A1_B1





Each group of 4 students in the class were responsible for one gradiation dye recipe as handed out by Carol so that we would get a fair amount of samples to take home for future reference. If the samples were finished, students cut them into squares and then handed them out to fellow class mates. If the samples were not finished, students took them home, cut them and then mailed them to their fellow classmates.

Don’t the stacks look inviting?

ps2012_11_CS_TC_Samples2 ps2012_11_CS_TC_Samples3


Even the scraps look delicious.



Carol Soderlund has spent many years divising a foolproof dyeing method which, as long as it is followed, will give perfect results every time.

Carol brought some of her samples for us to see and to discuss how missing one colour can make a big difference visually.

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