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Annie’s Place

This is the first wall hanging I ever made and the first machine quilting I’ve ever done.

I started this miniature wall quilt for my 2 year old daughter in 1986 and finished it May, 1999 re Donna Burchill.  The quilt label reads: “Annie’s Place – What is the ideal family like in your world?  Hugs + Kisses Always – Love, Mom”.  The piece is machine pieced and machine quilted.  Copyright April 30, 1999.  Approximate size is 18″ x 18″

Sparkle Quilt Front – Amish Design, Roman Stripes

On the 15th of May in 1999, I took an Amish Quilt Course taught by Jackie Thayson.  The pattern I chose was Roman Stripes.  I love the way the black brings out the other colours in the wall hanging.  The quilt label is hand written on muslin with fabric markers, decorated with mauve and red heart flowers and reads:  “SPARKLE – To Papa, Fathers Day 2000, Amish Quilt Design “Roman Stripes” by Angie Gursche  04/16/00, Address, Phone Number – Care Instructions:  Vaccuum occasionally, wash with gentle soap in gentle cycle.  Dry 10 minutes in dryer.  Lay flat to dry.  NOT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT”

Sparkle Quilt Back – Quilting Detail

In the photograph on the left you can see some of the detailed stitch in the ditch quilting on back of the piece.  Machine pieced and machine quilted – Copyright 2000 – Finished Size: 27″ x 27.5″

Reynola Pakusich Course

Which is Harder, This Quilt or My Life?

Double Nine Patch, a course taught by Reynola Pakusich on the 25th of May in 1999, which I was fortunate enough to participate in.  The objective for this pattern was to make squares with either light or dark fabric with opposite sashing and then place them alternatingly next to each other.  When I put the top together, I found it very difficult to place the squares in the right direction to produce the effect I was looking for.  Shortly after I started this quilt, my daughter unexpectedly left home.  Two years later she came home and I was able to finish this quilt.  Pieced and Quilted by machine.  Copyright  Finished Size: 48″ x 48″

Butterflies in My Trellis GardenOn the 18th of January of 2007, I started Barb Mortell’s colour course.  The given objective was to find a photograph we liked, draft a pattern and reflect the colour choices of fabric directly from the colours seen in the photograph.  I used the same light and dark colour theory as in the Double Nine Patch.  This is an original design inspired by own photograph of a church garden in Davis Bay, BC.  “Butterflies in My Trellis Garden” Machine pieced and machine quilted.  Copyright October 14, 2002  Finished Size: 31″ x 31″.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder Where You Are?

The next wall hanging is the first quilt I have ever made with Batik material.  Batik is a little bit tougher to sew with than other cottons.  I made this for a friend of mine whose wife was having a difficult pregnancy.

Quilting Detail in the Hearts

Sometimes the Back is as Beautiful as the Front

Quilting Detail in the Background

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