"The Angie Lisa"

Photograph by Siegfried Gursche

My name is Angela Gursche. In 1979 I started “Darling Creations & Quilts” to sell garments, quilts, and quilted items.

As a Creative Design Artist, my current focus is on using paper and mostly natural textiles and materials to create Art in 2D Textiles, 3D Textile Collage, and Encaustic Wax, using Dyes with Resists like Batik, and Mixed Mediums.

"The Angie Lisa"

“The Angie Lisa”

By using my Photography, skills in Graphic Design, and descriptive wording along with humour to document, I wish to interpret visually the beauty I see daily in life and in nature; all which inspires me to create art.

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My Dream Studio

My Dream Studio


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Indigo Mixed Media Sea Life 2010

Mixed Media Sea Life 2010

Yoruba Batik Ocean

Yoruba Batik Ocean

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