Kata – e some

KATAZOME with Professor Masayoshi Ohashi and Reiko Sudo from Nuno Corporation in Japan … along with two of Professor Ohashi’s students who are the next generation of Kata – e some makers.

My first day at the workshop. What a pleasant and fun time with these two wonderful teachers, the two students and another young lady.
Professor Masahoshi Ohashi speaks only Japanese and Reiko along with the two students and another young lady are translating.

We are learning the art of Kata – e some, a little different than Kata Kata or Katazome. The e means art and this form uses colour, in some cases lots of colour after the stencils are used with resist paste … also a very lengthy and detailed process. Katazome uses only one colour, usually Indigo blue.

At first it was thought my very detailed drawing would have to be scrapped as it was the reverse of what I needed. My Katazome research had led me down the incorrect path.

After redrawing my design three times, and lots of clapping by the Japanese students and Reiko as I finally understood somewhat of what was required, Professor Ohashi approved the design and Reiko was surprised at how fast I was cutting out the design without any prior experience.

Many comments were given to me at how nice and intricate the design is including approval (even though there were not enough bridges and not enough lines touching as I now have a bubble in the silk … I have learned) from Professor Ohashi, Reiko, the two Japanese students and the translator, who also knows how to make these stencils.

Many of the courses offered by Maiwa are a once in a lifetime experience and if you are interested in the description of the course I am currently taking – http://www.maiwa.com/home/workshops/workshops/111103.html

I can’t wait to use the stencil tomorrow – one thousand uses and then I will have to cut a new one.

Thank you Mutti for being my most ardent supporter.

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