Perfect Love

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am on a journey of Love.
I just started reading the book “Like yourself, Love your life” by Audrey Meisner
So the question arises, “What is my heart’s desire?” something I have been asking myself for a while.
And then came, “As humans, do we all have the same heart’s desire? Is that desire to be loved? To be loved unconditionally?”
If so, there is only one perfect love, the love of God. Which in turn would mean, whether we accept this or not, as children of God, we are all on the same journey – to find God’s love.
So my prayer this morning:
“Dear father God, I open my heart to you, to come and fill every space and crevace with your love, to throw your love around me like a warm blanket, to engulf me in a cocoon of your love; in order to experience your love so fully that I recognize how to love myself, love you God, and love others; that you God and others can see a reflection of your love through me; that I become your love God as I live and breathe.”
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