Meeting Myself

This year I went to #EncustiCamp 2013 at Dumas Bay.

I met a photographer who said all women know their photogenic side of themselves.

I found this to be very profound as I never knew I even had a photogenic side.

And he also gave tips on how to stand to improve the looks of our aging sagging bodies.

So in the mirror last night I met myself for the first time.

I really did not recognize who was looking back at me and she was very beautiful.

I think that if you take a photograph of my face and then mirror image it:

My left side, is a grandmother from head to toe … old, wise, knowledgeable, disabled and disfigured, dominant …

My right side is young, beautiful, slightly smaller than the left side, more toned, kind, playful, sexy – a princess in waiting

My body is beautiful; a direct reflection of battle scars in my life journey – an hourglass figure reflecting shapely curves of 18th century cherubs and of late the smiling Buddha.

And God loves me just the way I am.

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