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Cell: 604.988.7359 … due to intermittent cell service, Please do leave a message if I don’t answer … your needs are important and I would like to talk to you … cell service is intermittent at best … sometimes calls are dropped by the service provider, and only messages always seem to be captured and received.

As well, I urge you to also, when you call, send a confirmation email, just to make sure I get the message … in case I am caught in one of the many power outages that so frequently occur in the area I now reside in on the Sunshine Coast of BC, nestled above a valley amongst trees, between two cell towers, and with an ocean view full of art inspiration to dye for. I am so blessed to be living here!

If you have any comments or questions about works or this site, please leave a reply. Notifications are sent to my email addresses and emails are checked daily unless I am out of town, at a workshop, or in the middle of a power failure.

Thank you for visiting the site.



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  1. sandra adams says:

    HI I saw a recent thread about use of cassava as a resist and the types of dye bath used to ensure a good result. I know a resist made with cassava can be placed on a cloth and once dried can be put in a cold bath, e.g. INdigo, but I have not seen or heard if a cloth that has cassava resist on it, but first dried, can be put in a hot bath? Can you assist me with this inquiry? Thank you. sandy

  2. Venetia Nielsen says:

    Hello Angie,

    Wow, your website and work is stunning! You are incredibly talented. I sent you an email last night with the information I promised you. I used the email address on your business card. Can you please let me know if you received it or not or if I should be using a different email address?

    Thanks so much, Venetia

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