In Love

So much has happened since my last blog. I am living the life I Love.

I thought my life was over when my husband left me unexpectedly after 25 years in October of 2011. And just after that I lost my bookkeeping position where I had worked for 10 years. Eventhough I was taking Maiwa courses at the time with awesome instructors, I lost all passion, especially for creativity.

My daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren moved in with me so I wouldn’t have to move right away, could sort things out, find a new direction and to help pay the rent.

After many months of self evaluation and soul-searching with the help of “My New Day” and “Dr. James Richards”, I chose to fill my loneliness with activities:

– I started in July 2012 by enrolling at BCIT for a two year full-time or 5 year part-time Graphic Design Associate Certificate Program. Everything I am taking correlates directly to the work I produce or wish to produce. I will be finished by August 2013.

– While going to school and still working full-time I signed up for: a fabulous Weekend Encaustic Workshop taught by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. What a delightful person and awesome course. Check out her website and blog at

– and I also took four fabulous Maiwa courses this last November; Phototransfers for Textiles with Natalie Grambow, Silkscreening Textiles with Anne (Maiwa), True Colours-Developing a Personal Palette with Carol Soderlund and Waxing Eloquent-Soy Wax Resist with Carol Soderlund.

– Then I participated in the current challenge “Read as Red” of the art group “Cutting Edge” I belong to which is currently on display at the Squamish Library.

And this is where my journey of being “In Love” really left the starting gate. All previous thoughts and works were just a preperation for what was to come next.

I found a bundle of fabric my former husband brought back for me from China amongst all the gifts I had received from him. He went to China to find Love. The fabric was mostly red and one piece had Love written on it with many roses. It was the most awesome fabric I had ever seen, soft as cashmere and unbelievably beautiful, piece after piece along with words of love written on the fabric.

This gift opened floodgates of tears streaming down my face and my heart ached with loss of our relationship as I experienced a total personal break-down and at the same time my passion for creativity was re-ignited through an unbelievable spiritual re-awakening that has taken over every aspect of my life.

I am learning to let go and just be with whatever comes towards me. Not every day perfect and those who know me see the change of 360 degrees. I am thankful for everything I have whether it be bad or good.

I am meeting fabulous new people, learning new things, exploring questions I was afraid to tackle or ask – I am in love with life … The last few days have been absolutely mind-blowing and exciting.

Nothing happens without purpose. Everything is meant to be.

Sorrow and Joy – Ying and Yang. I miss my best friend terribly and yet I am happy.

I am on a journey of Love in a journey of Love – In Love

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